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Denise Dufort Interview 

23rd July 2020

Q: Keeping busy?

DD: No! This bloody virus! I can’t go out, can’t meet anybody, can’t see anyone…all I can do is Skype and now my camera keeps messing up! So I just sit at home and binge watch American TV shows and movies. (laughs)

Japan 2019

Q: So, Japan last year, was that the first time your bags have been lost?

DD: In Japan, yes. (laughs) It would be me and Tracey as well wouldn’t it? It’s never Kim and Jax that get lost. (laughs) The whole scenario was hilarious really.

Q: Well in hindsight; I don’t remember it being very funny at the time.

DD: (laughs) Yeah! Oh dear…

Tracey returns

Q: Was that one of the first shows with Tracey back in the band?

DD: No. We had played in Spain I think and France; we did quite a few before Japan. Tracey absolutely loved Japan even though she didn’t get to see any of it and I knew she would.


Q: We’ll make sure that it’s a lot more pleasant for everybody next time.

DD: That’d be great. We were supposed to be there in July but obviously that’s been put back now. You never know though, we may be there before the end of the year. I have a plan to stay for two more weeks if I can but I don’t know if the others will be able to.

Q: What difference does it make to your playing having Tracey in the band?

DD: I absolutely love having Tracey back in the band! She’s a fantastic bass player and we were always tight. Even when she used to be in the band before, I always knew what she was going to play and she always seems to know what I’m going to do next. We do play really well together and always have. We’re a lot happier as well. (laughs)


Q: It’s the first time I’ve seen you play Bomber…

DD: I played it on the EP originally (St Valentine’s Day Massacre) and it was really Kim’s idea because she always wanted us to play Bomber again so we tried it – actually I really wanted to know if I could still play it! (laughs) Anyway, I can and people love it!

Q: It’s a nice tribute. What do you recall of that recording session back in 1981?

DD: What I recall was being really really really nervous because Phil had broken his neck and I had to play all three songs on the EP.


Q: Phil was there though wasn’t he?

DD: Yeah he was there doing backing vocals; we were all partying and getting drunk – the usual. (laughs). I played all three songs but I was so scared because I had to play with Eddie and Lemmy. I was freaking out, shaking, wondering how I was going to do it but I did – probably because Lemmy gave me something to help me play faster. (laughs) I really miss those days.

Q: Me too. I’ve been enjoying writing these articles for the UPP-tone website about the old days and I’ve just done one about the Ritz…

DD: Oh I used to love it there – it was such a great place. I remember once and I can’t remember why I did this but for some reason, I put one of my drumstick or something into the electric fire and blew the electricity in whole place. (laughs)

Q: A Denise special – love it! That EP was recorded at Jackson’s Studios with Vic Maile – I must write about that place as well.

DD: Yeah we were there a lot. You know Vic used to get me to help him splice the tape on the reels?


Q: I don’t remember that…

DD: Yeah I don’t know why but he always used to ask me. Maybe it was because he thought I was into all the mixing and technical stuff.

Q: The first time I ever saw someone splice a 2” tape was Vic; I was gob-smacked.

DD: Can you imagine someone doing that now? Really weird how things have changed.

Japan again...soon...

Q: Let’s get back to Japan. You’ve been here a few more times than the other girls, on holiday. Anything you want to do next time?

DD: As you know, I absolutely love Japan ever since we came there in 1982. I love Japanese food, Japanese culture, everything Japanese, then and now. I wish I could live there and the last time I was there by brother and Atsuko took us everywhere for two so whatever else there is to do. I’d love to see the Budokan.

Q: Oh well that’s easy.

DD: Is that actually in Tokyo?

Q: Yes it’s in the Kitanomaru Park.

DD: I’d love to go there and anywhere else. The main thing is the food though – I can’t get enough of it! (laughs)

Q: Denise, thanks for this and we’ll see you soon.

DD: I hope so and please tell everyone I loved the gig and also The Babes – I love them! Moni is really funny and a bloody good drummer and she’s great!

Q: Consider it done. See ya!

DD: Cheers Glenn and look after yourself. I’ll speak to you again soon

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