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bullet japan photo shoot

19 Feb 2020

Having never been out of Europe, Bullet requested a photo session for the possible release of a live in Japan album. Kabukicho, here we come!

robb reiner art exhibition

09 nov 2019

Anvil drummer extraordinaire is also an accomplished artist so we held an exhibition for him in our offices. All were quite overwhelmed by the response.

od saxon judges headbangers

Those lovely guys from OD Saxon judged a headbanging contest at one of  our monthly HM/HR DJ nights. 

07 sep 2019

upp-tone hanami party

Motorhead beer was the beverage of choice for our company's annual Hanami party in Yokohama's spacious Rinko Park. 

26 mar 2019

tony dolan supersession 2

16 dec 2018

Shibuya Cyclone hosted a loosely structured event with a roundabout of Japanese Metal musicians playing some Metal classics for the first time together. Chaos ensued.- it was  brilliant!

tony dolan super session 1

18 dec 2018

More chaos as another smorgasbord of  Japanese Metal musicians joined Mr Dolan for some Venom songs and Metal classics, this time in Yokohama at 7th Avenue.

tony dolan bass clinic

Venom Inc's four-string king held court demonstrating his Bo-EL Big Generator Bass and talking about the recording of  their latest album, Ave.

26 aug 2018

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